Steve Lacy's Production

An exploration into Steve Lacy’s production style and process:

Steve Lacy was in the 10th grade when he first got introduced to The Internet through the keyboardist and ex band mate Jameel Bruner (aka Kintaro). Lacy would quickly begin working on The Internet’s third studio album – Ego Death – which would later be nominated for the Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammys. Since then, he has worked with some of the industry’s largest names; J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller just to name a few.

At only 20 years old, Lacy has accomplished a lot. His unique approach and mentality to song writing is what has set him apart, and is something worth looking into.



Steve Lacy is known for doing the majority, if not all, of his production and recording using his phone. In this video, Lacy shows us some of the equipment he uses to make studio quality music on his phone. He Describes his production style as plaid - “a lot going on, but doesn’t clash at all”. 



In this TedxYouth talk, Lacy goes into detail about his early struggles with not having the necessary equipment and technology that he thought he needed in order to make music. However, once he was able to get his hands on an iTouch, he began to realise that the he didn’t need fancy equipment in order to get his ideas out – all he needed is what he calls “the bare maximum.”

In order to get a better understanding of Steve Lacy’s style, below is a playlist of purely Lacy’s production:




Tyler, The Creator Throaways                            Travis Scott Astroworld Loosies


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