THROWAWAYS From Tyler, The Creator

Throwaways get tossed around loosely, and often are an excuse for an artist to put out half finished, half hearted material. This is not the case for the following 10 tracks. They may be rough around the edges, but still display more lyrical prowess than most rappers, as well as some excellent overall musicianship from Tyler, The Creator. 



HEAVY HITTING. From the beat to the lyrics to the visuals. Tyler proving that he can still out-rap everyone if he chooses to do so.




Tyler remixes the Trouble, Drake, Mike-WiLL Made-It track, and delivers one punchy 2 minute verse delivered in his patented pitched-up vocals. 


ROSE TINTED CHEEKS *2016 rough draft*

An unfinished draft that makes you think what other gems Tyler has hidden away. He continues to rap in pockets that only he could navigate, over some of the prettiest chords possible. Topped off with a 2ish minute outro with a juicy guitar solo at the end.




One verse, one take. Tyler talking about grown man money, rapping in a studio with beautiful pink roses being filmed by frequent collaborator Luis Panch Perez, who worked with Tyler on Okra, Who Dat Boy and the Golf x Converse Ad.



CRUST IN THEIR EYES - Kids See Ghosts Remix

A PERSONAL FAVOURITE. My favourite song off the album with the best Ye verse in all 14 of his new songs + features IMO. And here is Tyler delivering a verse to compete with Kanye's. 



Remixing Jacquees song "No Validation". Beautiful beat choice with another catchy verse.



An unbelievable bass-line is always a winner, and we definitely have one here.  Remixing Prophets - "Wanna Be Your Man," Tyler shows us that his throwaways are better than most artists' full albums.


TIPTOE (R.I.P remix)

Tyler spazzing over the skizo R.I.P. (Playboi Carti) beat.



An extended version of the outro to Blow my Load off Cherry Bomb. Featuring Syd and Austin Feinstein (from Slow Hollows).


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